I am getting an error that I am out of region and exceed the couch rights limitation (error code 4-62-7030).

Last updated May 2024
If you are receiving an error that you are out of region and exceed the couch rights limitation, please first confirm you are actively inside the Cubs television territory. To do so, enter the zip code of your current location at MarqueeSportsNetwork.com/Providers. 
As an initial troubleshooting step, please log out of the App and re-install the App. If issues persist, please contact Marquee Sports Network support with the following information:
•    Email account associated with your subscription
•    Device(s) where you are receiving the error message
•    Exact error message that you are receiving
•    Zip Code where you currently are
•    Your IP Address from WhatIsMyIPAddress.com
•    Can you watch on any other devices? As a troubleshooting step, please try watching on your mobile device with WiFi turned off. 
•    Are you using a VPN?

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